AZU e-Mobility is transforming concept of Lowest Cycle life Cost of EV into reality through customer research, strategy, ideation, design development, engineering, cost analysis, prototyping, consumer testing, mass production and branding/private labeling.

AZU e-Mobility Private Ltd plans to offer taxi aggregators a life line to turn around existing loss making business model with a 4th Gen e-Taxi customized for Taxi aggregators in India and Asian by 2017. .

Ultra Fast-Charge, non-flammable, long cycle life battery packs enables round the clock taxi operations. AZU’s e-Taxi has a 300 km range with a 15 minutes recharge. State of art manufacturing and assembly processes has been “Design In” for fast scaling up with low capital outlay production equipment.

Modified amorphous carbon, with morphology and particle size similar to traditional graphite, a surface area 20 times that of traditional graphite, is used as the anode in LpCO Battery chemistry. Higher surface area provides increased channels to enhance Li-ion mobility and insertion, enabling fast charging and long life

AZU’s e-Taxi incorporates different composite Lightweight materials manufacturing technologies. This is to optimize safety, drive range, battery life cycle and utilization rate.

“Design in” production and assembly processes enable rapid scaling up. In partnership with automobile OEMs, regional micro-factories in strategic locations can be built to meet demand.

Daily taxi rides are in the hundreds of millions. In less than a decade, Taxi aggregators have totally transformed the conventional taxi business model. Unfortunately, this fast expanding and promising market segment, has resulted in record losses in billions for start ups. Taxi aggregators have no viable business strategy towards profitability.

AZU e-Mobility’s volume series e-Taxi is scheduled to commence production by 2018. Our mid-term plan is to introduce 4th Gen EVs with extended drive range in 2018.

AZU e Mobility focuses on optimizing efficiency by integrating energy efficient electric drive system, Ultrafast Charge, Non-flammable, long cycle life battery. Together with state of art carbon composite lightweight structure, Telemetry and Fleet Management System.

Over the last two years, AZU e Mobility together with consortium partners collaborated with companies in electric transportation. This is to understand how cities embark on large scale deployment of electric vehicles? We’ve evaluated many different business models for large scale deployment of taxi aggregation services in India, US and China.

We plan to start joint-ventures to “scale up” installing recharge stations to enable long-range travel for EVs. Ultra Fast Charge station network will accelerate and transform city transportation to electric.