Non-Flammable Electrolyte

Research has shown that when thermal runway occurs in a lithium-ion battery, most of its heat is released by electrolytes, which means electrolytes are the key point to ensure safety. Thanks to the tremendous effort for 8 years by its research team, Microvast has developed an electrolyte that is non-flammable and can be fully within 10-15 minutes and with a long cycle life of over 10,000 times.

Temperature Tolerance Separator

A high performance separator is also an important protection measure for lithium-ion batteries. The newly developed separator use ‘KEVLAR’ as its basic material, which has excellent performance of insulation and heat stability, Moreover, it has a higher melting point compared with commercial ones, which ensures that it does not shrink even at temperatures of up to 3000C. This has reduced the possibility of thermal runway and short circuiting.

STL — Smart Thermal Liquid

In addition to improvements of the electrolyte and separator, from the aspect of battery system protection, the smart Thermal Liquid (STL) technology has built a passive protection system for the non flammable battery.