The Founder,
Chief Promoter & MD


Manaf has innate entrepreneurial spirit that inspires innovative thinking and visionary action. He has the capability to think out of the box and combine multiple technologies to work seamlessly with an innovative business model. To structure a business model that enhances and benefit all stake holders is close to impossible. AZU eMobility’s Clean City Transit Solution with no upfront investment is a unique approach that may change how the World does business in future.

Convergence of different technologies is the new method for innovation and Manaf has applied this model to build replicable and scalable techno-commercial model of a vibrant economy.

Combining the technical expertise of AZU eMobility, Micorvast and the financial strength of strategic partners bring viable Carbon free Zero upfront initiatives to market. Manaf was instrumental in developing and funding opportunities worldwide for Carbon FREE transport and logistics.

Manaf developed an exceptional business model that will benefit all stake holders involved, including the automobile manufactures, transporters, general public and government authority. To envisage such a scheme will normally require recruiting a sizable team with expertise in many technical disciplines.

To convert all existing fossil fuel vehicles to electric will require extensive know-how in; rechargeable battery chemistries, Battery management system, active cooling and heating system for battery packs, electric drive trains, vehicle charging concepts, remote monitoring and diagnostic platforms, Fleet management software, wireless technology, CCTV feeds, GPS tracking and passenger safety features for the fleet.

Manaf is able to identify and manage all typical operational and cost drivers of Electric vehicles in order to increase energy efficiency and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Manaf as a teenager was more inclined to arts, music, photography and the love of life. His career began with Mitsui & Co Ltd. a “360° business innovation” company connecting different businesses, people and areas of knowledge to build next-generation businesses to benefit the world.

After 6 years with Mitsui, the entrepreneur spirit in him took over. He left a very comfortable and secured career path with Mitsui and later founded ALTAS as system integration partner of Hewlett Packard. In 2000, Manaf started EZITRON Technologies FZ L.L.C. in Dubai Internet City. He initiated business opportunities for Yahoo and was also instrumental in bringing the first Value Added Service for Yahoo with Wataniya (now Ooredoo Telecom Kuwait).

He is currently engaged in a mega project to transform India as “Brain and export Hub” for Global Smart City Solutions. He has structured providing design and contract manufacturing of branded e-Bus for automobile manufacturers and Made in India e-Bus from a single source.

Teck Kee Shih
Chief Technology Officer


Teck Kee Shih has Master Craftsman in Industrial Engineering from Hamburg, Germany. His career started as a precision Tool & Die maker in Rollei Singapore. Working in several Multi National Companies, he acquired extensive hands-on knowledge and experience in high volume production of precision electrical and mechanical products.

Teck Kee has over 20 years of experience in the rechargeable battery business and has extensive exposure to R&D of rechargeable battery systems. He co-founded two lithium polymer battery start ups in Singapore and Malaysia.

Mrinmoy Chattaraj
Chief Operating Officer

Mrinmoy Chattaraj

Mrinmoy as an enriched experience in clean technology, been a competent development campaigner in the past, with specialization in policy advocacy, communication, program management and community based business development in the past, including preparing techno commercial proposals for various projects.

Passionate about diagnosing issues and fixing them with an ability to dig deep on a wide range of issues. Passionate about new emerging technology, particularly energy storage system and its application in EV, Telecom and other critical application.

Possess excellent communication and negotiation skills, and has been attached with Renewable Energy domain for over a decade. With expertise in clean energy infrastructure development, and years of experience in social projects / program management with top international not for profit organisations.

Held position in developing and implementing, successful and impactful campaigns in the past . Catalysing and enabling low carbon based growth in India by engaging with multiple stakeholders.


“AZU” has been suggested by our CTO Mr. Teckkee Shih. He really didn’t expect the 3 letter word is so meaningful. TK thinks the name found him and not the other way around.

The name AZU derives from the Sanskrit word for “FAST”, denoting the powerful energies.

AZU is a mythical creature that uses its powers to magically make others fall in love with it. It is known to be one of the most beautiful creatures in mythology and its perfect body has a fragrance that is irresistible to all. The name for Ancient Sumerian and Babylonian physicians was AZU.

Sanskrit is a member of the Indo-Iranian subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. Its closest ancient relatives are the Iranian languages Avestan and Old Persian

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