ALTA Energy/ AZU e Mobility Strategic Technology partnership with Microvast Power Systems Co., Ltd to promote “10-Minute Ultra-Fast Charge and the Long Battery Life” Energy Storage System integrated Electric bus. This technology is based on Lithium-ion batteries with lithium titanate chemistry called LpTO.

ALTA can create the most ambitious National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 Clean City Transit (CCT) Services happen on time and within budget integrating Microvast EV Technology. As shuttle buses are required to operate 24×7, the Ultra-Fast Charging based Clean City Transit (CCT) solution is the only choice to fulfill the application needs.

ALTA frontends the innovative Electric Vehicle development, optimizing the intersection of engineering, lightweight body design, Power train Technology based on integrated EV motor and inverter in a single housing. An inverter, which converts the battery’s direct current into alternating current for the motor, is a key component of any EV.

We engaged in new product development for Clean City Transit (CCT), UNDP Low Carbon Transport (LCT) & NEMMP 2020.

ALTA Energy’s mission is to democratize mobility by enabling Indian automobile companies and startups to design and build custom electric vehicles and clean transportation services. The buses are built in India with Microvast LpTO battery system and will be used as urban shuttle buses in major cities of India.

Apart from reducing air pollution—that kills 1.5 million people in India every year. A clean bus system would also aid national carbon-reduction targets. Transport accounts for a tenth of India’s greenhouse gas emissions.

ALTA provides Electric Vehicle core technology through all phases of the solution life-cycle. This includes flexible services and support options to give Automobile companies the peace of mind to focus on marketing own e-Buses, without heavy investment in R&D.

Microvast is in commercial application for over five years now. Its Ultra-fast charging battery system is in use in over 13,000 electric buses spread over 100 cities across the globe. With an accumulated mileage of 700-plus million kilometers, the system has kept a record of battery related accidents to zero.
The technology is a breakthrough for the industry, resolving battery safety issues through a multi-level approach from materials to the system level. The new technology takes both active and passive protection measures in order to enhance product safety, including improvements to the battery’s electrolyte, separator and protection system.

LpTO battery that can be charged ultrafast has the following advantages: a smaller pack is less expensive, pack weighs less thereby reducing strain on the bus chassis, freeing up space, reduced weight increases vehicle efficiency, and as it has a higher charging port efficiently hence the infrastructure investment for charging is the most minimal.

We will be exporting fully built buses from India. We are aiming at African and Middle East markets for these fully built buses. These buses will be designed and engineered in India and adapted to the local market with a significant localization level of 75-85% on bus body and overall localization of over 50%.
ALTA is currently working with OEMs and transport aggregator Shuttl.com for deploying e-Bus that comes with 10 years performance warranty for Battery and critical components.

Contract manufacturing is the current market practice of Foreign and Indian bus manufacturers for launching buses in India. Hence ALTA’s new venture makes it simple and easy when it comes to customizing own branded Private labeled e Bus.

ALTA / AZU equipped to offer comprehensive services and has deep solution expertise. ALTA is well versed with our customer’s business environment and industry trends. ALTA offers expert advice on the right services for the job in hand, and has ready access to MICROVAST’s global resources – a benefit reserved only for Strategic partners.

The 450 kW chargers can easily recharge a full electric shuttle bus in less than 10-15 minutes. The fleet of ultra-fast charging full electric shuttle buses can operate 24X7 among city routes with a round trip of 30-50 Km each.
The company will launch these buses in the domestic market in the December 2016. With these a new range of buses will cater automobile companies.

“Electric buses generate 27% more revenue and 82% more profits than diesel buses per day.” The findings have special significance because primary mass transit in Indian cities is provided by 150,000 diesel buses, held responsible for contributing to urban smog and carbon emissions that are warming the planet. This is because the maintenance and variable costs of the electric bus are much lower than diesel buses and its energy efficiency is higher.

“As much as 25 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission can be cut every year for every diesel bus replaced by an electric bus”, said the IISC study, conducted by Sheela Ramasesha and her group at the Divecha Centre for Climate Change in Bangalore.

India is now the world’s fastest-growing major pollute, contributing to almost a third of global emissions growth in 2015.

The remote monitoring platform is designed for battery health check- preventative, predictive and corrective maintenance a way to virtually eliminate battery failure risk. Electric motor, air pump, air-conditioning system and other critical components can be monitored for accurate information on fleet’s health and performance.

ALTA has integrated complete fleet management system to reduce operating expenses and increase profits with automated telematics supported software for cost-effective, web-based wireless fleet management that supports OBD2 and J1939 vehicle monitoring.